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Some tips for energy recharge:

1. Sleep: the adults should sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. It is important to stick to a regular sleep pattern. It is important to remove mobile devices, notebooks from the room where you sleep.

2. Balanced nutrition: a lack of food causes fatigue but eating the wrong food can also be a problem. A balanced diet keeps blood sugar at normal levels and prevents a sluggish feeling when that level drops. It is important not to neglect breakfast, which should contain complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread with an egg…). Eat in small portions, at least 5 times a day.

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3. Anaemia: the leading cause of fatigue among women. Blood loss during menstruation causing iron deficiency. Red blood cells are important because they carry oxygen to tissues and organs. In anaemia caused by iron deficiency, consume foods containing iron (lean meat, liver, beets or nutritional supplements).

4. Too much caffeine: caffeine improves concentration but only in small doses. Excessive amounts can increase heart rate, blood pressure and nervousness. With some people its excessive amount may even increase fatigue. Gradually reduce the amount of caffeine-containing beverages. Stopping the consumption from day-to-day, however, can cause fatigue.

5. Dehydration: fatigue can also be a sign of lack of liquids. Thirst usually means that dehydration has already appeared. It is necessary to drink water during the day, the urine should be light coloured. Before a planned physical activity, drink at least two glasses per hour. During a physical activity you should replenish liquids in this amount regularly.

6. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS): if fatigue takes longer than 6 months and you cannot cope with even everyday activities, it is possible you suffer from this syndrome. There is no quick solution for it, but it helps to improve sleeping habits, to have an exercise program and also to receive the necessary vitamins (group B, vitamin C).