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Did you know that…?

adult-18604_1280According to the shape of breasts during pregnancy the gender of the baby can be determined. Women who are expecting girls tend to have breasts volume larger than those awaiting a boy.

In the USA there is an organization that promotes the right of women to walk with bare breasts in public. The group organises various events and marches that emphasise that not only men can have this privilege.

Men can also breastfeed. However this effect is largely due to hormone therapy for certain diseases.

Man is the only mammal with permanently visible breasts. Other mammals/females have breasts enlarged only during pregnancy and lactation.

sports-bra-274948_1280The two  female breasts are not identical. They are characterized by variations in shape and size. The left breasts is usually larger than the right one.

The largest natural breasts in the world are worn by Anni Hawkins-Turner, who has a chest cicumference of 178 cm and their weight is 50 kg. The German named Mayra Hills (also calls herself Beshine), who has the largest artificial breasts, after the enlargement had to have the buttocks enlarged as well in order to balance the weight. She measures less than 170 cm, her breasts weigh about 30 kg she wears a bre size 32XXX.

According to research the women with the biggest breasts (size D and bigger) live in Russia, Scandinavia and with the smallest breasts (size A, B) on most territories of the African continent. The size C prevails in North and South America.

oranges-428072_1280Vitamin C deficiency is manifested by fatigue, brittle hair, dry skin, gingivitis, decreased immunity, joint pain, problems of the nervous system. Long-term vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis or cancer.

Reduced intake of vitamin E may manifest itself in the form of anaemia and nerve/muscle problems. Its main fuction is the transfer of signal between cells. In case of insufficient signal, diseases such as cancer and diabetes may occur.

For its antioxidant capability and content od many minerals (iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium) and vitamins the freshwater algae spirulina had great importance already for the Aztecs. They valued it so much that they used it as currency.


Ginkgo biloba is sacred plant in Japan, China and Korea. Trees were planted aroud temples and when they collected fallen leaves they worshipped them. It is said that ginkgo tree was planted at the temple that was hit by an atomic bomb. While the temple collapsed, the tree remained almost intact and when attempting reconstruction of the temple, the able-bodied tree stood in the way. No one, however, would cut it down and the stairway to the temple around it is split.

Mexican women drink tea from damiana (Turnera diffusa) before sexual intercourse to increase the experience from the act.