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Your stories

To get feedback from the effects of our product, we approached some of you to try a free starter pack of the nutritional capsules Beautiful and Smart. Our willing respondents expressed the following opinions:

My name is Miriama, I am 31. I have had the problem of long-term fatigue and at night I can hardly fall asleep. They have not found a clinical problem, I avoid staying up late but I’m still tired. I try to drink plenty of liquids and I began to eat healthier but I have a time and mentally demanding administrative job. I do not have time to dine properly or sometimes even have a piece of fruit with it. Therefore, I previously tried some pills, but my menstruation was disrupted and with other pills I did not see any improvement. Beautiful and Smart was supposed to be an attempt, which I did not take seriously in the beginning because I didn’t believe in „miracles“ and products of the „all in one“ type anymore. But I was pleasantly surprised that with my typical dynamic pace I felt less fatigue. I’m not the type to insinuate something and submit to the so-called placebo effect. I am pleased in particular that I am quieter at night and I can actually relax before falling asleep. At work each time after 1 to 2 p.m. I was very subdued and now I am alright. I even feel fresh. What was cool, I also used to have quite brittle hair, but I never addressed that problem. And in recent weeks they are pleasant to touch and visibly firmer. I also don’t have so much of it left in a rubber band anymore. There is apparently something good about it.
Nikola, 26. My first child was born one and a half years ago. I began to have inferiority complex because of the appearance of my breasts after birth. Since then I have been quite chubby. The exercises did not help and I did not have time for them with the baby. I stopped breast-feeding and I tested this nutritional supplement. I did not need my breasts to get bigger. And it has not happened until now. But the breasts have become firmer. Four weeks had passed when we noticed it with my partner. I did not plan to continue using the supplement after this test. But it did not have any adverse effects on me and I also need to lose a little weight. Meanwhile I have lost two kilograms. I don’t stick to any diet and it has happened. I hope to lose five more and I will be satisfied.
Eva, 38 years. I greet all women that still hesitate. And I recommend Beautiful and Smart capsules. They will not hurt you and, on the contrary, they can improve something. At least it worked for me  1) I struggled with fatigue. It helped. I really feel better. I have younger friends. I need to keep up with them 🙂 2) I feel that I eat less. But I don’t need to lose weight. But if someone wants to lose weight, it will probably help her. I have saved a couple of Euros for desserts thanks to the supplement. I used to eat them after lunch. And while using the supplement, I gave up on this habit 😀 3. The breasts were a shock to me. I was not hoping for such an outcome at my age. They are a little fuller. Nice feeling. Wow!