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1. Hello, I would like to ask if the capsules really have no adverse effects? Lele, Partizánske
The nutritional supplement contains purely natural substances. If you are not allergic to any of the elements that the supplement contains, and if you take the capsules at the recommended dose, you do not have to worry about adverse effects on your body

2. Hello, can I take it even though I am only 16? Iveta, Banská Bystrica
Hello, this nutritional supplement is intended only for persons over 18. Girls at your age are still in development; therefore, we do not recommend taking it before you reach 18.
3. Do the capsules have an effect on birth control? Katka, Liptovský Mikuláš
There is no reason to worry that the nutritional supplement Beautiful and Smart will interfere with the effect of birth control. For your personal affirmation you can talk to your doctor.
4. A friend recommended you just because she has had a good experience. Can I order the vitamins to the Czech Republic as well?
Yes, we can deliver the product to the Czech Republic.
5. I have a question regarding the effects of Beautiful and Smart on hair. I have significant hair loss, my hair is weak. And I would just like to take some nourishment for hair, skin, since I already want to do something about my breasts. I don’t want to take too many different supplements. Mima, Martin
Hello, the product contains substances with vitamin E. This vitamin strengthens the hair as it promotes blood circulation in the head and formation of new blood vessels.
6. Can I find this drug in pharmacies? Thank you, Alena Nové Zámky
Hello, Beautiful and Smart capsules are a nutritional supplement not a drug! And yes, Beautiful and Smart nutritional capsules can be purchased in pharmacies as well.
7. What impact does irregular taking of the capsules have on the growth of breasts? Kejt, Myjava
Hello, regular dosage is important for the final effect. The recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules per day. It is not necessary to skip the intake of capsules during menstruation. It is important to stick to the guidelines. Frequent or long interruption may, of course, limit the result.
8. Can I take Beautiful and Smart even if I have problems with blood pressure? Thank you. Lyda, Central Slovakia
You did not mention what kind of problems with pressure you suffered from. Anyway, some components of the product stimulate blood circulation or prevent heart attack or stroke
9. I really want to lose weight. Does the product also help to reduce excess weight? Lubica, Bratislava
With correct use and, of course, healthy nutrition, the product can affect weight loss as well. For example the effect of raspberry ketone is that it accelerates metabolism and suppresses appetite.

10. There are a lot of similar products on the market. Has it also been seriously tested?
Hello, you probably mean scientific research or clinical trials. The natural product Beautiful and Smart has already been tried on a representative sample of women between 20 and 45, who felt a positive impact of their chest becoming firmer and overall vitality of the body increasing. In the near future there will also be a trial of our product.

Given the fact that there have been cases of imitations on the market of nutritional supplements, our products are marked with a hologram with the logo of FancyPharmacy.