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quality is in the first place

FANCY PHARMACY is a dynamically developing company, which brings to the Slovak and foreign markets a wide renge of products in the form of nutritional supplements. We strive to provide the highest quality of raw materials; therefore, our products are clean and free of artificial preservatives and other additives.

 original recipes

FANCY PHARMACY  is a team of people who brought from their time working abroad personal know-how in the field of physiotherapy, alternative medicine, psychology and cosmetic industry. The aim of our work is to offer such products that improve and change the overall lifestyle of our consumers.

 harmony with nature

The philosophy of FANCY PHARMACY is to stay in touch with nature and adequately exploit resources that it offers. Currently the market is flooded with many products that are based on chemistry and they try to persuade people that they are natural. The human body finds a way how to let us know about the inadequate intake of artificial ingredients. This is what FANCY FARMACY tries to avoid. Our priority is the quality of products and the greatest values is our customers‘ health. As a result we are preparing our own research and scientific studies in the future.