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Factors affecting the proper functioning of the brain and maintaining a healthy mind: 

  1. Neurobic – mental fitness, mental exercise as well as permanent brain stimulation by new mental stimuli, interest in everything unknown, obtaining new information and knowledge.
  2. Be interested all the time! Learn foreign languages, read, learn for example new dances.
  3. Social contact. Daily contact with other people forces your brain to be constantly ready in certain spontaneously emerging situations to provide certain and correct answers, to be able to redirect and perceive thoughts and feelings of others.
  4. Try new approaches to solving problems. Connect lateral thinking (approach the problem as if from the other side, indirectly), which will spur the right hemisphere of the brain.
  5. Try mnemonic devices. They will expand your brain potential. Try to assign people a certain association – whether witty or related to some other element. You will effectively practice all elements of the brain and you will remember people.
  6. And, of course, the most beneficial is a healthy and age-appropriate lifestyle.
Female Limbic System Brain Anatomy - blue concept
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Isometric exercises ensure activation of the brain but also overall relaxation of body and soul. Exercises reduce muscle tensions, prevent headaches, neck and spinal pain.

Exercise 1: Place palms on the forehead (after that on the back of the neck – tilt the head) and create head pressure against the hands (10 seconds).

Exercise 2: Join palms of the hands facing each other with your fingers. Push them against each other on the chest level.

Exercise 3: Join hands by crossing your fingers and pull them apart.

Exercise 4: Put your palms on the thighs (cross the legs), push the palms strongly against the thighs.

Exercise 5: Place your palms against the table and press strong against the table.

Exercise 6: Sit down, grip the chair from underneath and pull it upwards

Exercise 7: „Gorilla“ – stand up straight, your legs are shoulder-width apart and gradually tension muscles of the whole body (strongly flex your toes, then press the calves, thighs,  both halves, pull in the belly, clench the wrist, the muscles of the face, press the teeth).