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Frequently asked questions
1. What kind of effects can I expect from the nutritional supplement BEAUTIFUL AND SMART? Regular use of the nutritional supplement BEAUTIFUL AND SMART promotes growth and firming of breasts, provides for elasticity of the skin, is effective in reducing weight and increases physical and brain activity. These tablets will not only make you feel but also look younger.
2. Do these capsules contain also some basic vitamins that a healthy body needs? The product BEAUTIFUL AND SMART is based on natural ingredients. It contains only natural components that, of course, include vitamins necessary for a healthy functioning body. We are talking especially about vitamins C (the strength of blood vessel walls, bone development, production of breast milk, the production of white blood cells), E (it rejuvenates, grows and develops muscles, it supports digestive and nervous system), A (good vision, it promotes potency, immunity), B1, B2 (nervous system, it reduces stress and strengthens memory), D (healthy bones and teeth, skeletal development of the foetus in pregnant women, treatment of skin diseases, immunity).
3. How often and how many capsules should I take? The recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules per day. Not recommended to take larger or smaller amounts, the final effect corresponds to the specified regular daily dose.
4. How long does it take to have an effect? The effect is apparent already after 7 to 10 days of regular use.
5. Does taking these capsules have an age limit? The product is suitable for people over 18 because up to this age a young body is still developing.
6. How long can I take the capsules? The recommended period of the therapy is two months. After that discontinue the therapy for one month. Individual therapies can be repeated several times per year.
7. What kind of effect does the product have on my body weight? Will I not gain weight? The nutritional supplement BEAUTIFUL AND SMART does not cause weight increase. On the contrary, it reduces weight. It contains the algae spirulina and the raspberry extract, also called raspberry ketone, which have the ability to suppress appetite and bring weight loss. The task of a metabolism accelerator is performed by green tea extract.
8. Can I take the preparation during menstruation / pregnancy / breastfeeding? Its use does not affect the menstruation cycle. Regular dosage is important for the resulting effect. Despite the fact that the product contains natural substances that promote the production of breast milk, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. No adverse effects have yet been confirmed, however.
9. Can this nutritional supplement be used by men as well? This product is intended primarily for women.

10. Can I get this product in a discreet package? Yes, we send the product in a discreet package, which will prevent its identification and damage.

11. How do I divide the dose? The recommended dose of 3 capsules a day should be divided evenly throughout the day, i.e. morning-noon-evening.